Foreign Policy under François I and Henri II

  • Janine Garrisson
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Louis XII, as we have seen, provided for the succession by marrying off his daughter Claude to François d’Angoulême, the son of Charles and Louise of Savoy. Not that he felt any great warmth for François: ‘That fat brat will mess up everything’, he is said to have predicted. But François was, like Louis himself, descended from Charles V and was thus, according to the Salic Law, the heir presumptive.1 He was accorded all the privileges of a prince of the blood, and, despite the relatively straitened circumstances of his family (the Valois of Angoulême had little good land), his chances of reaching the throne had never been underestimated. Louis XII, then, explicitly recognised him as his heir. And from the assembly at Tours in 1506 he sought support for breaking the promise he had made to marry Claude to Charles Habsburg (son of the Emperor Maximilian) and for marrying her instead to a pure-born French prince.


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