The German Problem

  • Louise B. van Tartwijk-Novey


During the Cold War, Europe both East and West, though much divided, shared a common apprehension toward the return of a powerful single Germany. It was a fear founded on several factors: the nation’s size, population and geographic location at the heart of Europe and the fact that twice this century German aggression had plunged the continent into two devastating world wars.

Why should the quarrels of Europe wreck the gigantic modern world? Twice in our lifetimes we have seen this happen. Twice in our lifetimes we have seen the brave and generous people of the US spend their treasure and their blood to procure harmony in Europe and to rescue Europe from itself. Twice has the British Empire and Commonwealth of Nations plunged into the Continental struggle to prevent the overlordship of Germany. Twice has our heroic ally, Russia, poured out its blood in European battles. This time we must reach finality. Europe must rise from her ruin and spare the world a third and possibly a fatal holocaust. (Winston Churchill) 10


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