Existentialism in The General Theory

  • Piero V. Mini


A great deal of confusion in the literature on Keynes’s method is introduced by his admiration for intuition. Keynes alleges that thinkers like Newton, Marshall, Jevons, Ramsey and Malthus had great powers of intuition, as they were able to see the ‘destination’ before discovering a route to it. In a 1936 remark he calls making sense of this ability ‘the most obscure problem of all in the psychology of original work’.1 (Notice the emphasis on the psychological approach, which justifies a work such as this one.)


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    Quoted by D.E. Moggridge, Maynard Keynes (London: 1992), p. 551, from a letter by Keynes to O.T. Falk, 19 February 1936.Google Scholar

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