Thoroughfares of Stones’: Hardy’s ‘Other’ Love Poetry

  • Trevor Johnson


All lovers of Hardy owe the late Professor Carl Weber a sizeable debt — his best memorial is the splendid Colby College Hardy collection — but, by one of life’s little posthumous ironies, the last of his many books has, I fear, done his hero a grave disservice. His Hardy’s Love Poems, published in 1963 and often reprinted, though it does, as he says, contain ‘some of the finest … love poems in English’ has a most misleading title. For its contents are rigidly restricted to poems about Emma Hardy, rearranged to make a quasi-narrative by Weber; and the ingenious or ingenuous blurb-writer for the very recent paperback makes matters worse by saying ‘this unique collection brings together all Hardy’s love poetry’. If that were so we should have the remarkable spectacle of a poet’s not only confining his amatory verse to his wife but also waiting until after her death and his attainment of the age of seventy-two before embarking on it, which would surely take self-abnegation beyond belief.


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