Money, Capital and Crisis in the Grundrisse

  • Simon Clarke


Marx’s intensive studies of political economy were carried out in three phases. Under the impetus of his meeting with Engels, he first engaged with political economy in the period 1844–7. Over the period of the 1848 revolutions he threw himself into political and polemical activity, returning to his economic studies in 1851–3 in order to understand the concrete mechanisms underlying the crisis of 1847- 8. He then abandoned his studies in political economy some time in 1854, concentrating on journalistic work and political analysis of world events. He returned to his economic studies once more in the midst of the 1857 crisis, resuming the work he had left off three years before in the attempt to understand the relationship between financial crisis and the underlying contradictions of the capitalist mode of production. This time, however, his economic studies acquired their own momentum. In the notebooks since published as the Grundrisse Marx lay the foundations for the mature analysis which would culminate in Capital.


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