Poverty and Development: The Human Development Report (1990), and the World Development Report (1990)

  • Ravi Kanbur


After the ‘adjustment decade’ of the 1980s, attention in the 1990s seems to be turning once again to longer-term issues of development, particularly poverty alleviation. If the publication of major reports by international agencies is anything to go by, the shift in attention is quite marked. Just as the 1980s were heralded by a series of reports on adjustment (for example, the World Bank’s report on adjustment in Africa), 1990 has seen the publication of two major reports on poverty: World Development Report 1990 Poverty (WDR), by the World Bank, and Human Development Report 1990 (HDR), by the UNDP. The World Bank’s report, the thirteenth in a series of annual reports on different development issues, revisits the topic of the World Development Report 1980, while the UNDP’s report is the first in a planned annual series focusing on human development.


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