Women’s Paid Work

  • Chris Corrin


In this chapter women’s experience of paid work is considered in terms of women’s introduction into the workforce in a planned and directed movement. With the changed situation from the late 1980s many aspects of women’s employment are being questioned. Notions of ‘family/male wages’ are being proposed. The element of choice is central here. Women in Hungary were ‘liberated’ as workers and had a duty as mothers, there were few options for women to decide their own priorities. The initial focus in this chapter is on basic information in order to inform the consideration of what being a working woman and working mother meant for women in Hungary. These dual aspects of women’s work – paid/unpaid, valued/undervalued, public/private – have been divided into two separate studies because although interrelated these aspects of women’s lives cannot easily be reduced or be compressed together. This focus on paid work, education and training, equal opportunities and pay, forms the basis for the study of women’s domestic environment and family situation in Chapter 4.


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