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Claire Etcherelli is often identified as a writer with a strong political and feminist consciousness; her writing bears the mark both of her own roots in the working class and of her strong left-wing sympathies. Born in Bordeaux in 1943, she was brought up in the docks area where strikes and clashes with the police were a common occurrence, and led to her early politicisation. Her father, himself a docker, was deported and shot by the Germans during the Second World War. Brought up in her early years by her grandfather, who led an unconventional life as chieftain of a tribe of women and children, Claire’s education was completely neglected until at the age of 9 she was removed to a church boarding school; here, however, she was acutely aware of social differences between herself and her classmates. Although a star pupil, she left school at 17 without taking the baccalauréat examination, and married a trade unionist at 18.1


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