Team Building

  • Elizabeth Chell


Both the notion of, and concern for, team building has sprung primarily from the camp of the ‘organization development’ specialists and consultants. Their specific aim is the development of the total organization in order to fulfil the twin objectives of realising organizational goals and satisfying individual needs (French and Bell, 1978; Schein, 1980). This process of development may take place at different levels within the organization — organization, group and individual — although each cannot be thought of as being totally independent of any other level. Team building is clearly a group level activity, although the effectiveness of a team is not exclusively a ‘group phenomenon’ but depends very much on the activities and behaviours of individual team members. In this chapter we will commence pragmatically with the question why organizations might need to spend time, effort and resources on developing effective teams. Next, we will consider what the crucial ingredients of such teams are, and finally we will examine some tried and tested methods of team building.


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