The women all die first. Wearing ‘fantastic garlands’ of wild flowers, singing snatches of old hymns, Ophelia floats ‘mermaid-like’ in ‘the weeping brook’, and then sinks to her ‘muddy death’. Hamlet’s mother, the Queen, drinks the poison intended for him. Desdemona’s breath is stopped by her husband Othello in the bed upon which she has had her maid lay her wedding sheets: the chaste bride is killed in her marriage bed. Of Lear’s two ‘pernicious’ daughters, one poisons the other and the second has a knife pierce her heart. Lear’s third daughter, the angel-like Cordelia, is hanged, and the old father, her corpse in his arms, fills the world with his howling. In the dead of night, fast asleep, Lady Macbeth walks with her eyes open, seeing nothing but her interior horror; her husband, who has ‘supped full with horrors’, hears a cry and is scarcely moved when he is told that she has died.


Nether World Human Soul Wild Flower Final Play Dark Interior 
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