‘Magic or Miracles’: The Fallen World of Penelope Fitzgerald’s Novels

  • Jean Sudrann


Penelope Fitzgerald does not fit easily into the rubric of contemporary British women writers under which these essays are gathered. Born in 1916, she reached adulthood in the decades between the Great War to end all wars and World War Two and published no fiction until 1977 when she was 60. Her closest approach to experiment in the form of her fiction is her frequent use of ironic closures with their attendant ambiguities and a habit of building in very short chapters or simply numbered, seemingly discrete, brief episodes whose sequence creates a significance not apparent in the episode itself. She does not write to explore (or exploit) the wrongs peculiar to female lives, nor is she particularly fond of domestic spaces for her settings. Of the two novels that pay most attention to domestic problems, one, Offshore, has for its home-setting a derelict barge named Grace moored in the Thames Reach near London’s Battersea Bridge, while the other, Innocence, set in Florence, keeps up a rapid movement between a decaying family farm, an abandoned villa, and an ancient Palazzo, now divided into flats. The other five novels are primarily set in work-places: a museum, a bookshop, the central London studios of the BBC, a London school for child-actors, and a Moscow printing shop owned in 1915 by a youngish Englishman.


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