The Challenges Ahead

  • Oliver L. Landreth


‘Europe’ has never been a more abstract and, simultaneously, a more concrete nomenclature than today. On the one hand, everybody recognises it as being a collection of countries and cultures with precise geographic borders; however it is also synonymous with ‘1992’ and the process of European economic and political unification, presently being carried out under the auspices of that tribute to bureaucracy known as ‘The European Community’. My involvement over the past five years in strategy consulting and executive training, both of which have required travel to the far corners of Europe, has exposed me to the confusion and doubts that managers are having in dealing with the issues that surround ‘Europe’ and has led me to want to take a closer look at what exactly they are doing to demystify the unknown and attempt to pave a smooth path for their respective companies as we near the end of the second millenium.


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