Maksimilian Voloshin as a Memoirist

  • Vladimir Kupchenko


There have been more than a few memoirs written about the period of the ‘silver age’. One has only to mention Vstrechi by V.A. Piast (1929); G.I. Chulkov’s Gody stranstvii (1930); A. Belyi’s trilogy, Na rubezhe dvukh stoletii (1930), Nachalo veka (1933) and Mezhdu dvukh revoliutsii (1934); P.P. Pertsov’s Literaturnye vospominaniia (1933); Portrety sovremennikov (1955) and Na Parnase ‘serebrianogo veka’ (1962) by S.K. Makovskii; M. Tsvetaeva’s memoir essays (Proza (1953); and I.G. Ehrenburg’s Liudi, gody, zhizn’ (1961).


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