Enigmatic Lineage

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The Italian Pietro Mártir de Anghiera (also known as Pedro Mártir de Angleria), Chaplain and Almoner of the Catholic Queen Isabella and contemporary biographer of Columbus, is considered to be one of the ‘original sources’ of Columbus’s life. In a letter written to Count Giovanni Borromeu on 14 May 1493, Anghiera refers to Columbus’s arrival in Castile on 15 March as follows: ‘Redit ab Antipodibus occidius Christophoms quidam Colonus, vir ligur’ (A Ligurian, one Christophoms Colonus, has come back from the Western Antipodes). This latter is no. CXXX (p. 72) of the Opus Epistolarum that was published in Alcalá in 1530.


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