Afghan Centres of Opposition

  • Anthony Hyman


The origins and development of opposition in the various regions of Afghanistan, as well as in exile, have been distorted often enough by rival (and conflicting) claims, as well as by shrill propaganda conducted from the interested parties. It is a complex subject, where simple judgements in black and white terms do not really apply, and where no one group’s actions, origins or guiding ideals are wholly good or wholly bad.


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    The best short debunking of this attitude known to me is by Meredith Townsend, ‘“Fanaticism” in the East’, in Asia and Europe (1901) pp. 315–22.Google Scholar
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    F. Halliday, Arabia without Sultans (1974) p. 333. It is ironic to note that Fred Halliday’s more recent writings on Afghanistan tend to identify with the official line of Kabul, and therefore follow the blinkered view he himself had noted above — though there is much of interest in his articles in New Left Review, 1978 and 1980.Google Scholar

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