Franco and Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Javier Tusell
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Apparently the question concerning the relationship between FDR and Franco can be stated in a very simple way: Their political ideals were radically antithetical, in a way more so than, say, those of Roosevelt and Mussolini. Although Franco was temporarily tempted by the appeal of fascism, he was in fact a conservative Catholic military dictator. He considered democratic liberalism, which he identified with Freemasonry, not just an unacceptable doctrine but one leading inexorably to communism. It could be argued that his political notions were predemocratic, while fascism was a postdemocratic doctrine. Roosevelt represented instead the attunement of the democratic ideal to the challenges that faced humanity in the difficult circumstances of the 1930s. Their worlds were consequently both antithetical and, above all, far removed from each other. It is not surprising then that there was never the least understanding between them.


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