Restructuring Structuration Theory: Duality and Dualism in Sociological Theory

  • Nicos P. Mouzelis


Anthony Giddens’ work is both theoretically significant and very influential in present-day sociology.1 The reason for this is very simple. While there are many sociologists who are interested in theory per se, very few have made any marked contribution to sociological theory. As I have argued already in the introduction, by overreacting to the sociological provincialism of the early post-war period, theoretically-minded sociologists in this country are at present so much absorbed, not to say overpowered, by developments in other disciplines (particularly in epistemology, moral philosophy, and linguistics) that they fail to translate the insights generated in such neighbouring fields into appropriate sociological concepts. The theoretical cosmopolitanism that has succeeded the introverted, sociology-centred theory of the early 1950s and 1960s has not managed to provide any systematically useful concepts for sociologists interested in theoretically-oriented empirical work.


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