The Adventure of Reading: The Styles of the Odyssey and the Odyssey of Styles

  • Daniel R. Schwarz


“Wandering Rocks” dramatizes the spiritual and cultural sterility and the moral cannibalism that Ulysses must address. By presenting and implicitly discarding the Church, personified by Father Conmee, and the secular authority, personified by the Viceroy, the Earl of Dudley, Joyce is establishing the need for Bloom, the contemporary Elijah figure whose humanistic values offer hope; the need for Stephen, the putative artist whose creative imagination and prophetic vision will redeem Ireland and, in particular, Dublin, its morally paralyzed urban wasteland; and the need for Molly who will redeem Ireland through her sexuality, passion, and enjoyment of the physical. In its nineteen vignettes, it shows the specific effects of Ireland’s position as a servant to England and Roman Catholicism. As we shall see, “Circe” re-examines much of the material in “Wandering Rocks” in terms of the hallucinations and nightmares of Stephen and Bloom, including material of which Bloom and Stephen were unaware within “Wandering Rocks”.


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