Japanese Companies (The All-Mighty Kaisha)

  • Jon Woronoff


Hail, the All-Mighty Kaisha. This is the corporation which the gurus tell us is the finest of its species, bound to rise to the top in a jungle where only the fittest survive. As to why Japanese kaisha are so strong and effective, we are given many reasons. There is the stress on quality. Nobody cares quite as much about quality, and nobody goes to the same effort to see that each unit is superior, if need be by destroying inferior units, but preferably by preventing defects and bringing them down to zero. There is also efficiency and productivity. Every effort is made to use the best machinery and see that it interacts as smoothly as possible with the work force. Finally, technology. Companies go out of their way to incorporate the best in their products and their production.


Europe Shipping Hunt Shoe Cola 


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