The Philosophy of Education?

  • Alan Montefiore


Dan O’Connor’s The Philosophy of Education, the concluding paragraphs of which include the sentence quoted above, was first published in 1957. I remember thinking then what a sensible and accessible little book it was — an admirable introduction to philosophy as such and, as such, having at least all that relevance to education as a good introduction to clear philosophical thinking might rightly be presumed to have. Whether such a book should properly bear the precise title that it did was perhaps less clear. As Dan himself put it: ‘I shall… [understand] the phrase “philosophy of education” to mean “those problems of philosophy that are of direct relevance to educational theory”.’ (p. 14) However, whether one agreed with its every main detail or not, and whatever one made of its title, it certainly seemed to be among the best introductions to philosophy of its time.


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