Practical Reasoning

  • Hugo A. Meynell
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As has already been said, insight is as significant in practical living and the area covered by common sense as it is in philosophy and the sciences. In the affairs of daily life as well as in abstruse theoretical matters, one may get the point or fail to get it. It is in practical matters too, particularly those pertaining to the individual’s moral character and the place in the human community at large of his class and group, that a more or less deliberate flight from insight is apt to occur. (Self-knowledge is a difficult and painful business; there are some truths, particularly about myself, of which I would much rather be ignorant. I may indeed be prepared to misrepresent plain facts, and bully and persecute my fellow men, rather than be brought to acknowledge these truths.) As well as insights there are oversights — which occur with especial frequency when understanding is wilfully being evaded. The flight from insight blocks the occurrence of those insights which would upset its comfortable equilibrium. Nor is it content with a merely passive resistance. Though covert and devious, it is highly resourceful, inventive and plausible.


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