Representing the Source Text: Ibsen’s Et Dukkehjem/A Doll’s House (1879)

  • Egil Törnqvist
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While Macbeth is generally characterised as a tragedy, opinions are more divided with regard to A Doll’s House. Is Ibsen’s play, too, a tragedy, dealing with internal conflicts and universal, inescapable issues? Or is it a problem play, dealing largely with social problems that can be solved? A Doll’s House has been interpreted both ways. While the generic labelling itself does not concern us, the consequences it has for any transposition of the play do. Obviously, a director who sees A Doll’s House as a problem play would create a production differing in tone and emphasis from one who sees it as a tragedy. If he is free to choose his medium, his choice may well depend upon the generic approach.


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