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  • Egil Törnqvist
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Reading a play is almost like reading a musical score: it is difficult, and I do not know many who can do it, although a lot of people say they can. The very arrangement of the text, where the eyes have to wander from the name of the speaker to his speech, demands close attention; the seemingly uninteresting exposition has to be got through and carefully recorded in one’s memory, since it contains the warp, by means of which the whole weaving is set up. The action noted within the parentheses delays and distracts one, too. Even to this day when I read Shakespeare I have to pencil in notes to keep the characters and particularly the numerous minor speaking characters straight, and I have to go back constantly to the list of characters and to... the first act to take a look at what the characters said then. A person has to read a play at least twice to have it clearly in mind. ... (Strindberg1)


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