Pierre Reverdy

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The work of Pierre Reverdy (1889–1960) is little known in England, outside the confines of French studies. I am not aware of any poet for whom he has been important, though Charles Tomlinson tells me that ‘Urlicht’ and ‘Poem’ in his Written on Water were composed in Reverdy’s manner. The same is true, I believe, of America, despite the fact that he has been the leading influence on Kenneth Rexroth. (Rexroth also claims to trace that influence on through Robert Creeley and Gary Snyder to ‘whole schools of younger people’, which may be so but certainly does not sound very plausible.)10 This chapter is not, however, an introduction to Reverdy. I want to look hard at certain things in his writing, so as to celebrate them, and so as to bring the discussion in the last chapters forward in time.


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