Racial Equality and Local Politics

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This book explores the central features of local political debates and initiatives about race and racial inequality in contemporary Britain. It provides a timely and authoritative overview of the main trends in this area and of developments in specific policy arenas, discussing the prospects for the 1990s, and suggesting avenues for further analysis.1


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Notes and References

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    It was at the height of public debate about this issue that we organised the conference at which most of the papers included in this volume were presented. The conference brought together some of the academics and professionals working in this field in order to encourage serious debate and discussion of the substantive issues involved. It attracted an audience of academics, researchers and local government professionals, community workers and representatives from central government. The conference papers and discussion concentrated particularly on a number of inter-related themes. First, the historical background and context of the policy developments in the general field of the local politics of race over the past decade. Second, there was substantial discussion about the experience of policy change and conflict in the areas of employment, education, social services and housing. Third, the role of new initiatives in this field, such as race relations advisers and contract compliance, in bringing about institutional change. Finally, much of the discussion involved critical exchanges about prospects for the future and proposals for more effective reforms. The conference was jointly organised by the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations and the Birkbeck Public Policy Centre and held at the University of Warwick, September 24–25, 1988. Financial assistance towards the organisation of the conference was generously provided by the Nuffield Foundation and the Barrow and Géraldine S. Cadbury Trust.Google Scholar

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  1. 1.Department of SociologyUniversity of WarwickUK
  2. 2.Department of Politics and SociologyBirkbeck College, University of LondonUK

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