Religious Experience

  • Hugh Montefiore


Human beings are religious creatures. It is only in the post-Christian West that secularisation has involved the decay of religion. Even in Communist countries, which are officially atheist, religion has flourished in the hearts of men and women, even when its outward expression has been forbidden. In Soviet Russia, attempts have been made in the past to indoctrinate people against the Christian faith through compulsory lectures and by propaganda and other means. This has been extraordinarily unsuccessful, even to the extent that it is reckoned that there is a higher percentage of believing Christians in Russia than in Great Britain today. Again in China not only were churches at one time closed but Christian worship was until recently actually forbidden. Now that the Cultural Revolution has ended, it is clear that the number of Christian believers expanded dramatically during this period of oppression. Elsewhere — apart from Europe and Australia — religion flourishes, whether it be in Asia, Africa or North and South America.


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