Vasily Sergeevich Nemchinov

  • M. C. Kaser
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Born the son of a State Bank messenger in Grabovo, Russia, on 2 January 1894, Nemchinov graduated from the Moscow Commercial Institute between the February and October Revolutions of 1917, but joined the Communist Party only in 1940 on appointment as Director of the K.A. Timiryazev Agricultural Institute, the Statistics Faculty of which he had headed since 1928. He showed courage in prohibiting from his Institute the pseudo-genetics (‘Michurinism’) of T.D. Lysenko, but when at Stalin’s instigation mainstream genetics were condemned in 1948 he was forced from the directorship. The Academy of Sciences (to which he had been elected in 1946) then made him chairman of its Council for the Study of Productive Resources, a post retained (with a chair at the party’s Academy of Social Sciences) until his fatal illness. In 1958 he established the first group in the USSR to study mathematical economics (from 1963 the Central Economic Mathematical Institute) and was posthumously awarded a Lenin Prize for elaborating linear programming and economic modelling for the USSR. He died in Moscow on 5 November 1964.


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Selected Works

  1. 1926. O statisticheskom izuchenii klassovogo rassloenniya derevni (On the statistical study of rural class stratification). Bulleten’ Ural’skogo oblastnogo statisticheskogo upravleniya (Bulletin of the Urals Regional Statistical Administration) 1. Reprinted in Selected Works, Vol. 1, 44–62.Google Scholar
  2. 1928. Opyt klassifikatsii krest’yanskikh khozyaistvo (Experience from the classification of peasant households). Vestnik statistiki (Statistical bulletin) 1. Reprinted in Selected Works, Vol. 1, 85–120.Google Scholar
  3. 1932. Vyborochnye izmereniya urozhainosti (Sampling measurement of yields). Narodnoe khozyaistvo SSSR (National economy of the USSR) 5–6. Reprinted in Selected Works, Vol. 1, 128–60.Google Scholar
  4. 1962. Ekonomiko-matematicheskie metody i modeli (Methods and models of mathematical economics). Moscow: Sotsegiz. 2nd (posthumous) edn, 1965. Reprinted in Selected Works, Vol. 3, 138–476.Google Scholar
  5. 1967–9. Izbrannye proizvedeniya (Selected Works). 6 vols, Moscow: Izdatel’stvo Nauka.Google Scholar


  1. Nemchinova, M.B. 1985. The scientific work of Vasily Sergeevich Nemchinov (on the 90th anniversary of his birth). Matekon. Translations of Russian and East European Mathematical Economics 21(2), Winter, 1984–5, 3–25; translation of an article in Ekonomika i matematicheskie metody (Economics and mathematical methods) 20(1), 1984.Google Scholar

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