Knowledge, Super-normality and Faith

  • T. C. Williams


‘“The world is my representation” is, like the axioms of Euclid, a proposition which everyone must recognize as true as soon as he understands it, although it is not a proposition that everyone understands as soon as he hears it.’1 With these words of Schopenhauer encapsulating the culminating head of Western philosophical thought, their power may be amplified. Thus, in another passage by the same thinker:

[It was] … only after men had tried their hand for thousands of years at merely objective philosophizing did they discover that, among the many things that make the world so puzzling and precarious, the first and foremost is that, however immeasurable and massive it may be, its existence hangs nevertheless on a single thread; and this thread is the actual consciousness in which it exists. This condition, with which the existence of the world is irrevocably encumbered, marks it with the stamp of ideality … and consequently with the stamp of mere phenomenon.2


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