Conclusion: Youth Transitions and the Labour Movement

  • Robert G. Hollands
Part of the Youth Questions book series (YQ)


This book began by posing some key questions about the impact training is having on the process of identity formation and growing up working class. As such, I have sought to illuminate the issue through a close examination of young people’s experiences on schemes and how these relate to broader cultural processes and other social sites. The central finding of the study is that a series of diverse working-class transitions are being forged in the context of the new vocationalism and that these changes have important implications for policy-making and the future of the labour movement. In this concluding chapter, I do not pretend to provide a blueprint for any specific political strategy, or even analyse existing labour movement training policies in any detail. Instead, I want to summarise the main transitions identified, and show how they raise a series of questions and problems the Left1 must begin to address if it is to develop any semblance of an adequate politics of regeneration amongst school leavers, trainees and young workers.2


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