Introduction: Power, Process and Crisis

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On 3 March 1974, a Turkish Airline (THY-Turk Hava Yollari) DC10 initiated its Istanbul-Paris-London flight with about 200 passengers on board. Most were vacationers; 50 were going to Paris. Normally, few new travellers boarded THY for its Paris-London leg; the Paris stop was mostly a maintenance-necessitated ‘pit-stop’. This time was different. A recent strike had grounded British European Airlines and wreaked havoc with flights all over Europe. Travellers attempting to return to London were forced into all kinds of re-routings, many through Paris’ Orly International Airport. Once there, a great rush was on for any flight with a London destination. Consequently, THY Flight 981 started its takeoff roll with only 11 empty seats.


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    I wish to emphasise this should in no way influence the reader to think other nations have not been or do not want to be involved in the aviation safety regime. For a discussion of the Third World’s relationship to and participation in the international commercial aviation regime, see Stephen Krasner’s Structural Conflict: The Third World Against Global Liberalism (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1985), especially Chapter 7.Google Scholar

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