Henri Boguet

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One of the most influential instigators of persecutions was Henri Boguet who, as the chief prosecutor, played a leading role in a number of big hunts in France. His treatise was translated into English under the title An Examen of Witches. The quotations are from the 1926 reprint:

Let us now examine by what ills witches afflict mankind particularly. I maintain that they afflict people with all kinds of ills of the stomach and the head and the feet, with cholic, paralysis, apoplexy, leprosy, epilepsy, dropsy, strangury, etc. And this they do easily with the help of Satan, who secretly causes persons to swallow certain poisons and drugs; or perhaps the witches themselves mix them with their food and drink. And according to the composition of the poison it will spread over the whole body or attack only one member; for, says Cardan, there are poisons which do not cause death, but continually attack one of the victims’ members. Again, according to Theophrastus, the poison may take two, three, or six months to prepare, and the illness of him who is bewitched will continue for a longer or shorter time according to the time taken to collect the ingredients of the drug. Witches very frequently dry up the milk of nurses, apparently by making them swallow a certain powder which they throw in their broth, unless it is Satan himself who plays this trick. They also cause a man’s virile member to disappear and be concealed, and then to reappear at their own pleasure. This is widely practised in Germany.


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