John Henry Newman

  • Brian Martin
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James Joyce admired Newman’s ‘cloistral, silver-veined’ prose; and it is as a stylist that Newman is chiefly remembered in English literature. He was educated at school in Ealing and at Trinity College, Oxford. He became a Fellow of Oriel College, then the most intellectually prestigious college in Oxford, and met and collaborated with, some of the most brilliant men in church and university: John Keble, E. B. Pusey, R. H. Froude. In 1828 he was appointed Vicar of St Mary’s Church, from whose pulpit he was generally considered to speak with the voice both of Oxford University and of an important part of the Church of England. He travelled to the Mediterranean in 1832, and while in Rome wrote many poems which were to appear in Lyra Apostolica (1836); one of the collection was ‘Lead, Kindly Light’, written on his return voyage between Sicily and Marseilles.


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