Rupert Brooke 1887–1915

  • Neil McEwan
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Rupert Chawner Brooke was born at Rugby, the son of a master at Rugby School. He was educated at Rugby and King’s College, Cambridge. When he became a Fellow of King’s in 1912 he was already well known for Poems 1911 and for the verses contributed to the first volume (1912) of the series Georgian Poetry. In 1913 he travelled through North America to Tahiti. The five ‘War Sonnets’ published in New Numbers in 1915 when he was with the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve gave him a fame which grew after his death, from blood-poisoning, at Scyros, although men in the trenches found their tone false. Collected Poems (1918) was followed by Poetical Works (1946), which contains additional pieces.


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