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The Golgi Complex

  • Mark Carroll
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We saw earlier (section 1.1.3) how Golgi in 1898 first described an ‘internal reticular apparatus’ that he observed by light microscopy of silver-stained neuronal cells. In fact, for many years the existence of this structure was doubted:some workers thought that it was an artefact generated by the staining procedure. Only in recent years has the realsignificance of the Golgi complex come to be appreciated. This change in attitude has come about partly as a result of electron microscopy, which has demonstrated convincingly that this organelle is present in almost all eukaryotic cells; and partly from biochemical studies (sections 5.2 and 5.3) that have revealed its important metabolic activity. As indicated in table 1.1, the cell’s Golgi complex is likely to represent a single organelle made up of a network of dispersed but interconnected lamellar structures. Such an arrangement has been confirmed by high-voltage electron microscopy of thick (0.5 µm) sections of tissues impregnated with heavy metals (figure 5.1). In animal cells, the Golgi complex is usually located close to the nucleus in the region of the centrioles.


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