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It seems clear enough that one of the major effects on Emily of her stay in Belgium was to direct her attention more firmly to literary composition. A similar effect was noticeable after her ‘exile’ at Law Hill. Now, returning from M. Heger’s influence, and bereft of her two sisters and Branwell, she found herself with time for poetic experiment. It is quite likely that Gondal prose writing also received a fillip in those early months of the first part of 1843, when Charlotte was still across the water and both Anne and Branwell were at Thorp Green, but we are unlikely ever to know any more about that side of Emily’s artistic production. Only the poems remain from the Gondal saga. It is certain that Gondal occupied part of Emily’s mind in February 1843, when she wrote a lengthy narrative about the fall of Zalona, a city now attacked by Julius Brenzaida, the fierce Gondal monarch who was eventually to be transformed into Heathcliff.


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