Women’s Working Lives: A Comparison of Women in the United States and Great Britain

  • Shirley Dex
  • Lois B. Shaw
Part of the Warwick Studies in Employment book series (WSE)


Similar trends in women’s employment are visible in Britain and the USA over the post-Second World War period. In both countries women’s participation rates have increased, and yet there are differences in employment policies, in legislation and in the economic structures of Britain and the USA. By comparing British and US women’s experiences we can provide some insight into the reasons why some of women’s labour market experiences and changes have been occurring. Such a comparison will also facilitate an investigation of the comparative effects of legislation, social policies and economic structures in a way that has potentially important policy implications.


American Woman Maternity Leave National Longitudinal Survey Occupational Mobility Downward Mobility 
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  • Shirley Dex
  • Lois B. Shaw

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