The Stories I: Mythic Fictions

  • Judith Scherer Herz


Six months after the publication of Howards End, Forster wrote to Edward Garnett about those of his short stories that would soon be published as The Celestial Omnibus and Other Stories (1911). ‘Do you remember some short stories of mine? I have at last entrapped a publisher into taking them. I am very glad, for I think them better than my long books — the only point of criticism on which I have ever disagreed with you!’ (12 Nov 1910, L&F, I, 117). And in the September of the following year he made the point even more emphatically in a letter to Jessica Darling: ‘Thank you for what you say about my short stories. I would rather people praised them than anything else I wrote’ (24 Sept 1911, L&F, i, 125).


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