Is Our Republic to Fail?

  • Dennis Smith
Part of the Contemporary Social Theory book series


Between the 1890s and the 1980s three major changes have occurred. First, social science has become institutionalised within American educational, governmental and business organisations. Second, these organisations have grown enormously in size. Third, the USA has achieved, maintained and is only just beginning to relinquish a position of global domination. It is fascinating to note that Chicago sociology began to lose its own hegemony within the profession at about the time that American society at large was on the brink of asserting its pre-eminent world position during the Second World War. Now, at a time when this world position is being gradually yielded, the Chicago sociology department is well on the way to re-establishing its claim to pre-eminence among its peers. The enormously difficult moral and political task of adjustment to international decline deserves a special place upon its intellectual agenda.


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