The Education of a Patron

II—Italy and the Imperial Court
  • John Buxton


Sidney stayed on for a few more weeks of the autumn of 1573 in Vienna until, about the end of October, after shedding many tears on parting with Languet, he left. In his Pastorall Aeglogue written after Sidney’s death, Bryskett draws a charming picture of their travels together. Lycon recalls to Colin (Bryskett) the happy days when

through many a hill and dale,

Through pleasant woods, and many an unknowne way, Along the bankes of many silver streames, Thou with him yodest; and with him didst scale The craggie rocks of th’ Alpes and Appenine; Still with the Muses sporting, while those beames Of virtue kindled in his noble brest, Which after did so gloriously forth shine.


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