Trade Unionism and the Pay of Young Workers

  • Paul Ryan


The pay of young workers has become a matter of economic and political interest in a period of high youth unemployment. The current government asserts that young workers have been priced out of jobs and — through youth-related interventions — seeks to counter what it proclaims to be the cause of youth unemployment: high youth pay. The link between the price of youth labour and the employment of young workers has become a major research topic. Recent research suggests a negative relationship between the pay and employment of young workers, although the issue is far from settled (Merrilees and Wilson (1979), Makeham (1980), OECD (1980), Layard (1982), Lynch and Richardson (1982), Hutchinson, Barr and Drobny (1984), Wells (1983), Rice (1986), Marsden (1985), Junankar and Neale (Chapter 4 above) and Marsden and Ryan (1986)).


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