Our aim in this Report is to consider how human rights may be secured and human responsibilities exercised in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, but in view of what has been happening since our project was launched three years ago, it is not surprising that we repeatedly found our attention directed to Northern Ireland. Hardly a day went by while we were at work without the media in Great Britain and the Irish Republic reporting some new political development or act of terrorism in Northern Ireland. It is there that the special interests of our two states meet, that human rights and civil liberties are under particular threat, and that the problems arising from different traditions are especially difficult to resolve. It is here, too, that the rhetoric of human rights is used by those who violate human rights by using violence for political ends.


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    Coexistence in some plural European societies (Minority Rights Group Report 72, 1987) (available from 29 Craven Street, London, WC2N 5NT, price £1.80). We wish to acknowledge the help of the authors of these studies: Claire Palley, Antony Alcock, Marc Bossuyt, Dick Leonard, Jonathan Steinberg and Fred Grunfeld.Google Scholar

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