Building Maintenance Problems and Their Solution—V

Plumbing, Heating and Hot Water Supply, Air Conditioning, Electrical Installations, Gas Installations, Lifts, Refuse Collection from Flats, Drainage, Safety, Security, Fire Resisting Construction and Fire Precautions, Cleaning, Pest Infestation and Repair of Flood Damage
  • Ivor H. Seeley
Part of the Building and Surveying Series book series (BASS)


Building services are costly maintenance items and their lives are usually much less than those of the buildings which accommodate them. Hence particular care should be taken in the selection, design and installation of these services, to ensure that maintenance can be carried out easily, quickly and economically. All services should be readily accessible with adequate access and working space provided. This becomes all the more important with tall buildings, as was evidenced by the lack of initial consideration in the United Nations Building in New York, with unfortunate consequences.


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