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Golf at Strathtyrum

  • K. H. Boyd
  • Mrs Gerald Porter


Later in the season, Anthony Trollope and his wife paid their first visit to this place. They stayed at Strathtyrum with John Blackwood.1 Trollope tried to play golf. It is a silent game, by long tradition: but Trollope’s voice was heard all over the Links. One day, having made a somewhat worse stroke than usual, he fainted with grief, and fell down upon the green. He had not adverted to the fact that he had a golf ball in his pocket: and falling upon that ball, he started up with a yell of agony, quite unfeigned. On 19 August a large party dined at Strathtyrum to meet him: among them Chambers and Tulloch.2 The charming Last Chronicle of Barset, surely as sunshiny a picture of English country life as ever was written, was then delighting us all.3 While preparing for dinner, I had stuck up the work where I could read it: and I glanced at several of the most beautiful passages, and at one or two of the most powerful. Filled with the enthusiasm of one who had very rarely met a popular author, I entered Strathtyrum that day. The sight of the great novelist was a blow. He was singularly unkempt, and his clothes were wrinkled and ill-made. His manner was a further blow. We listened for the melodious accents which were due from those lips: but they did not come. Indeed, he was the only man I had heard swear in decent society for uncounted years.


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