1950–4: The US Presence Consolidated — America Builds Up Her Military Presence in the UK: The Developing Years

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It was during the Washington ABC (American-British-Canadian) Joint Planners Conference, held in Washington in September 1949, that specific plans for emergency operations were developed for USAF and RAF units operating out of the United Kingdom. The American version of the plans was called OFFTACKLE and the British version went under the name GALLOPER. The plan was seen as a joint USAF-RAF team operation, with most of the fighters being provided by the RAF; the bombing responsibility was generally assumed by SAC and other permanent USAF units in the United Kingdom. General Eisenhower, in his capacity as Acting Chairman of the JCS, initiated a new joint outline emergency war plan covering the first two years of a war beginning on 1 July 1949. The overall concept, as given to the JSPC, was a combination of a strategic offensive in Western Eurasia with defence in the Far East. The ABC Conference of 26 September to 4 October saw the delegates unable to agree on a specific plan; but they did adopt a strategic concept for 1950 and 1951 which was basically that laid down in OFFTACKLE, approved by the JCS on 8 December 1949. The strategic offensive during the early stages of the war ‘would consist entirely of strategic air operations against the Soviet Union employing atomic and conventional bombs’.1


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