Phoenix from the Ashes

  • James Cable


‘If the different positions remained as they were today, then it would be the duty of the Conference to admit to the world its failure.’—EDEN, 10 June 19541

The guarded optimism which the agreement of 29 May had inspired even in the Soviet press, who were echoed by the Chinese in praising Eden’s ‘policy of understanding’,2 barely survived the end of the month. On 3 June impatience began to spill over. Molotov, who had returned from Moscow the day before, requested a plenary session (the first since 14 May) for 8 June.3 Bedell Smith reported Eden as believing the impasse on supervision might prove a breaking issue.4 The Times betrayed pessimism. No progress was made in the restricted sessions of 2, 3 and 4 June or in three meetings of military representatives from the two commands.5


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