Promoting Clients Interests

  • Malcolm Payne
Part of the Practical Social Work book series (PSWS)


One theme which has appeared throughout this book is the extent to which social care in the community relies not only on individual social workers, not even only on their agencies, but on the combination of a whole variety of resources — people, organisations and physical resources. One assumption underlying community care is that these resources are freely available or can be released by effective work from social workers. If they were more supportive, more enabling, if they negotiated better, if they looked for, created and co-ordinated resources more effectively, then their service to clients would be much improved. And so, no doubt, it would. But it has also to be recognised that there are not enough resources, that agencies resist the release of resources, or that resources are of the wrong kind or in the wrong place. This chapter is about ways of dealing with such difficulties.


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