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On Longer Lines

  • Joshua Galvin
  • Daniel Galvin


Long hair is a truly wonderful asset when it is maintained in top condition. Men fantasise about women with long hair and other women watch with envy when long-haired women swish by and every glance follows them. Unfortunately, too many owners of long locks keep the length even when it ceases to suit them or is no longer healthy enough to warrant it. With some it is purely a matter of vanity; with others, a question of fear. They are frightened to have it cut because long is the only way they’ve ever worn it, and even if the hair is straggly and split, because it doesn’t grow well, the familiar is easier than the unknown. Unfortunately, there does come a time in a woman’s life when age catches up with her, when long hair should not be worn loose to the waistline but cut mid-length or worn up. The pity is, some women don’t recognise when this stage is reached and from the back their image suggests a youthfulness that’s far from the truth. Who wants that? Others who won’t face up to the truth are those whose hair type is naturally not suited to grow beyond a certain length on all or parts of the head (the hairline, for example). Decide what’s really best for your hair.


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