A Systematic Analysis of Error

  • Howard Richards
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As our last chapter ended, the reader was invited to enter a world of fantasy where the cost of PPH per person per month could be made to approach zero by assuming favourable exchange rates, large families, slides, and good government. Experienced international educators — I have some wise old codgers in mind but I shall not mention their names — no doubt noticed the gross features of the cost model, but declined the invitation to speculate on the hypothetical costs of hypothetical replicas of PPH. Experience breeds scepticism. Even those of us, of whom I am one, who cannot resist the temptation to try out equations on a pocket calculator, must admit that if one has a certain amount of money to spend to help the poor of the third world, and one must decide how much of it, if any, to spend on programs like PPH, then after five chapters, during which some of the sentences have been longer than the average sentence, one still is a long way from possessing the information that would be required to make a rational decision.


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