Horae Canonicae: Auden’s Vision of A Rood — a Study in Coherence

  • Peter Walker


Wystan Auden included the sixteen pages of Horae Canonicae, published between 1949 and 1954 but not in the order in which they stand, in the less than one hundred and forty pages of his 1968 Selected Poems. That is not insignificant, in a poet matter-of-fact to the point of ruthlessness (to the fury of the Beaches of this world and the suspicion of his latest biographer)1 in discarding or amending work which had come to seem to him to lack integrity. For Auden, there was no given or autonomous ‘mystic’ or ‘vatic’ Tightness about a poem to set it above the question ‘Would its truthfulness stand up?’


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