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The American is Staged

  • Alice James
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The great family event, over which I have been palpitating for the last 18 months or more has come off: The American 1 was acted for the first time at Southport, which they call the Brighton of Liverpool, on January 3rd, and seems to have been, as far as audience, Compton and author were concerned, a brilliant success. H. says that Compton acted admirably, and it was delightful to hear and see him (Harry) flushed with the triumph of his first ovation. At the end, he was called for with great insistence, and pushed onto the stage by the delighted and sympathetic company; at the third bow and round of applause, Compton, who was standing with him, turned and seized both his hands and wrung them; very pretty of him, wasn’t it? I am so thankful that the dear being has had such a success. The ‘first nights’ to come, we shall be less quivering about. The Comptons, who are the best judges of the pulse of an audience, are radiant about the prospects of the play.


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